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STEP #1 - Be Inspired

Here at Nic Nac, our aim is to help you create a film to custom fit your product and business perfectly. Your journey starts here. Look at some of our work as inspiration, then once your ideas are flowing, move to the next step, to find out more about us.


We look forward to chatting with you.


Click on any of the thumbnails below to see them come to life!

STEP #2 - About Us

The Director and Founder of Nic Nac Pictures, Tom, initially expressed an interest in cinematography by filming his family holidays. He then went on to study media at school, where this interest further developed into his  award-winning short film “Ball Art”. Ball Art was selected for the 2012 Top Design Season of Excellence.


Tom was inspired to make the film after seeing other examples of kinetic typography online. Although he was impressed by these, Tom decided to take a more novel approach to the form, blending it with documentary film so that his viewers would learn something. “I’d seen a couple of other videos using this technique,” he said. “If I had something that people could learn from that would make it more interesting.”


Since then, his passion has extended to both more corporate styles and artistic dependent styles involving music videos, wedding, corporate and real estate videos.

STEP #3 - Contact Us

You've made it! We would love to hear from you. Make sure to write to us about your inspiring ideas. We cant wait to talk to you and create something beautiful!

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